BREAKING! Exciting new partnership with Classified

Revolutionizing Cycling: Offenzor Bikes Partners with Classified for Innovative Powershift Technology

Offenzor Bikes, an aspiring pre-startup, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Classified, a trailblazing deep tech company renowned for reshaping cycling through inventive drivetrain solutions.

At Offenzor’s core lies an ambitious vision—to fashion gravel bikes embodying quality, style, and performance. This collaboration with Classified propels this vision forward, aligning with Offenzor’s commitment to innovation. Classified’s groundbreaking Powershift Technology, seamlessly integrating a wireless 2-speed shifting system into the rear hub, further reinforces this commitment.

Founder of Offenzor Bikes, Dudley Stüger, expressed, “Our partnership with Classified is a testament to our dedication to delivering cutting-edge cycling experiences. We are excited to include the Classified Powershift products as standard offerings across all our gravel bike models.”

Classified, a visionary in cycling, leads the industry in redefining norms. Their Powershift Technology sets a new standard for versatility, enabling swift gear changes under full load and across diverse terrains.

The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.

Together, Offenzor Bikes and Classified redefine the cycling landscape, harmonizing technology and design for an exhilarating journey.

About Offenzor Bikes:

Offenzor Bikes, a budding pre-startup, passionately crafts outstanding gravel bikes. The company envisions setting a new benchmark for quality, style, and performance in the cycling world.

About Classified:

Classified, a pioneering deep tech company, revolutionizes cycling through innovative drivetrain solutions. Their flagship Powershift Technology, seamlessly integrating wireless 2-speed shifting into the rear hub, embodies the spirit of cycling innovation.

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